• HMC586

    Dear Sir

    How to test the phase noise of VCO. VTune access + 5V DC power supply?

    For example HMC586


  • ADF4108+HMC586 Which operational amplifier is best used in this loop filter?

    Dear Sir

    Please can you recommend a loop filter operational amplifier for ADF4108 PLL chip and HMC586 VCO? Which operational amplifier is best suited for the loop filter?


  • Vtune of VCO HMC586 is shorted after multiple uses


    I am using HMC586 sample part to excite a patch antenna. The VCO is given 5V supply via 7805 regulator. The VCO schematic is designed as per the EVAL-HMC586LC4B Kit design files. The Vtune of VCO is controlled using Digital to analog converter…

  • RE: HMC586

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • HMC704+HMC586 generate spurious signals at certain frequency

    Hi,our customer designing HMC704+HMC586+HMC1060  LO circuits,fref=320MHz,fpd=80MHz,LBW=300kHz,Frac B Mode,fout=4-8GHz,fstep= 1kHz.Spurious signals ( -60dBc@ 800kHz offset) can be found at 4019.999MHz,4020.001MHz,4059.999MHz,4060.001MHz,....and so on.We…

  • HMC586

    does hmc586 has sub harmonic 1/2  1/4

  • loop filter recommendation for HMC698 +HMC586?

    Dear Sir

    Please can you recommend a loop filter circuit for an HMC698 PLL chip and an HMC586 VCO with a feedback divider ratio of 12 and a PFD frequency of 500MHz, optimised for best integrated phase noise, integrated over 10kHz to 20MHz? Preferably…

  • 采用adf4150hv+hmc586能否实现5-7GHz的扫频?


  • RE: ADF4360-1 behavior at 2098 MHz (edge of VCO bands) during REFin drift

    Ivan,  That is a typical plot of typical part at typical temperature.  That VCO transitions in the plot will vary some over Process Voltage and Temperature.  I have not worked on the ADF4360 directly, but I'm going to assume its VCO calibration is like our…

  • RE: DDS+PLL Synthesizer

    You may want to consider purchasing a discrete VCO and using a divider to achieve the lower frequencies. The integrated PLL and VCO parts all use multi-band architectures. The HMC586 is a single band VCO, and together with an external PLL, op-amp, reference…