• HMC564 RF input power doubt


           In the datasheet HMC564 V06.1017 , the RF input power is described as 5dBm,

           In the datasheet V08.0618, the value is +20dBm.  Does that means we have two different kinds of HMC564 or it's just one clerical error?  If there are two kinds…

  • RE: The noise figure of a low phase noise amplifier.

    Hi, Kagan,

    Thank you for your reply. Can I understand like this, HMC606(Noise figure = 5) has a higher noise floor than HMC564(Noise figure = 1.8), however, HMC606 has better close in phase noise performance than HMC564?


    Tianyuan Xie

  • RE: S parameters for HMC546MS8G

    Hello wwk,

    I think you mean the HMC546MS8G 20 Watt Failsafe Switch (link below), rather than the HMC564...since the HMC564 is not available in the MS8G package.


  • HMC516  HMC564


    Can you please tell me if there has been any changes to the internal bond connections or pin out for the HMC516LC5 device? I recently received a batch where pins 25,27,29, and 31 are now grounded. The NC pins on previous parts were internally…

  • why the S-parameter results of HMC564 datasheet and S2p file are quite different?


     I would like to ask why the  results of S parameters of hmc564 in the datasheet and the the simulation results by S2p file are  quite different.

    Hmc564 datasheet:

    Using ADS  to import S2p file  get  result:

  • HMC564LC4 and HMC963LC4 Compatibility

    I designed an application using HMC564LC4. I saw that, apart from the additional Pin N.21 present in HMC963 and declared as NC in HMC564, the two devices are compatible.

    In case I would like to use the same PCB for both devices, it would help me to leave…

  • HMC564 Pin short

    When I soldered the chip to the board(PCB),Shorted pin Vcc and GND。

    What is the minimum temperature for chip soldering?

  • 关于HMC564的S参数芯片手册和s2p文件仿真得到的结果相差巨大。






  • RE: MMIC X-Band Low Noise Amplifier

    Hi Mayank,

    We do not have a part meets all requirements. Closest matches are HMC903 and HMC564. Both can be operated with single positive supply, but NFs are around 1.7 dB.

    For requirements 2, you need to cascade 2 of them.



  • HMC341 die

    Where can I get the S parameter of LNA HMC341 measured on die? The S papameter offered on website is the results measured on test board.