• RE: HMC561LP3 Possible Failure?


    It sounds like the internal MIM cap on the output may be damaged. 

    These devices are very sensitive to ESD; since ESD isn't listed on the datasheet I suspect it is Class 0. 

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  • RE: HMC561LP3 VGG current

    Hi there, 

    I was unable to find any measured data on the gate current, it's very low though a few mA's at most. The bias needs to be turned on in a particular order, gate voltage first to pinch off the current, then the drain, then adjust the gate voltage…

  • RE: Frequency multipliers input 800-1100 MHz? Footprint?

    Thank you MRichardson.

    I'm still not able to find the footprints for the  HMC561LP3. Do you have any clues?


  • EVB PCB design for Hittite devices.

    Hi all,

    Our customer need detailed layout guideline and PCB stack up guideline for the following devices.

    Are Gerber files available for the evaluation board?






  • HMC637ALP5E Idd vs. Vgg1 && Power Up/Down Bias Sequence Problems


    I have read many questions and answers about the HMC637ALP5E and various application documents.

    And there are three questions:

    1)The same type amplifier e.g. HMC797APM5E provides a relationship between Idd and Vgg1(Representative of a Typical D…