• HMC558A Downconverter M × N Spurious Output Table?

    Is there a Downdonverter MxN Spurious Output table for the HMC558A?

  • HMC558A Upconverter M × N Spurious Output Table?

    Is there a Upconverter M × N Spurious Output table for the HMC558A?

  • HMC558A: use as biphase modulator?

    In a previous design, I used the HMC220AMS8 as a simple bi-phase modulator. The HMC220A is now obsolete and the HMC558A is the suggested replacement component.

    Can the HMC558A be used as a bi-phase modulator? The maximum DC current at the IF port is…

  • HMC558A minimum LO level


    I'm interseting for minimal acceptable LO drive level for HMC558A. I found no any mention about it. Just "The HMC558A provides excellent LO to RF and LO to IF isolation due to optimized balun structures, and operates with LO drive levels as…

  • HMC558A addtional data

    This document attempts to include HMC558A additional data taken for different setups and conditions from datasheet. All the data is based on evaluation board and traces and board are not deemebeded, unless otherwise noted.

    RF/IF isolation:

    1. LO is calibarated…

  • HMC558A " Fundamental, 2nd and 3rd Order Intermodulation Distortion vs Input Powe " graph


    Is there a "Fundamental, 2nd and 3rd Order Intermodulation Distortion vs Input Powe" Garph for the HMC558A?

    I would appreciate it if you could replay at your earliest convenience/

    thank you.

  • RE: which chip can be used to get the phase difference from two 10G RF sine wave ?

    You could use the technique described in the attached article. Unfortunately, this circuit only works up to 6 GHz, so you would need to add a two mixers and a PLL VCO to mix the two signals down to a frequency below 6 GHz. HMC558A might be a good mixer…



    Please tell us about one question about the HMC558A data sheet.

    This is when the local frequency is 10G in Figure 29 of the data sheet.

    At this time, the isolation characteristic between Lo and RF is 50 dB.

    Therefore, -35dBm is output to RF.


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