• HMC547

    On the ADI webpage for HMC547, it says "Not Recommended for New Designs".

    Three questions:

    1) Why on earth would you guys obsolete such a product?

    2) Is there any other replacement SPDT RF switch that can go up to 27 GHz? (I need a packaged…

  • HMC547  Bandwidth


    I am looking for a RF switch or equivalent function to switch between a high speed gigabit rate digital data (16.5Gbps) signal and a dc signal that may go below ground.  I found HMC547LP3 / 547LP3E that could work given its high bandwidth and the…

  • ADRF5020 versus HMC547


    The new ADRF5020 microwave switch looks pretty good and better than the older HMC547 : Which advantage keeps the HMC547 report to the ADRF5020 ? The target application would be a 0.5-18 GHz SPDT with high end performances.

    Thank You

  • HMC547 ac coupling question

    I am wondering if I have a fixed attenuator after the HMC547 switch do I need to have AC coupling caps to the attenuator?  I am trying to minimize my component count and want to make sure a coupling cap is or is not required.


  • Switching characteristic change: HMC547 vs. HMC547A.

    We have multiple designs with the HMC547LP3 designed in. This part is now going obsolete.

    In looking at the HMC547A datasheet, I find that the switching time specifications have changed:

    HMC547A: tON/tOFF=10ns (typ); tRISE/tFALL=2ns (typ)

    HMC547: tON…

  • How can I choose Value of DC block capacitor at HMC547?

         I'm using HMC547 (electric switch).

    It operates from DC to 20GHz.

    From Datasheet, evaluation board has no DC blocking capacitor at input and output port.

    But frequencies I'm interesting are dual band, 3GHz and 9GHz. So I need DC block capacitor…

  • RE: DC block between HMC519 and HMC1019

    Thank you very much s.ilke, I take into account your recommendations, and remove the DC block capacitors between the attenuator pad and the HMC547, and between the HMC547 and the HMC1019.

    You're right, the attenuator pad is equivalent to a pi-pad configuration…

  • RE: 射频开关咨询


  • RE: Board level alternative to HMC-C019


         The HMC-C019 consists of 2 HMC547 die in series.   As long as you optimized the layout for isolation there is no reason a PCB version of the HMC-C019 should not work as well.

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  • RE: Reliability Information


    Try these URLs.

    HMC547LP3E: http://www.analog.com/media/en/quality/hmc-qtr/QTR_2013-00247.pdf

    HMC641ALP4E: http://www.analog.com/media/en/quality/hmc-qtr/QTR_2013-00285.pdf

    Note that HMC939LP4E and HMC547LP3E are obsolete parts. We recommend you to change…