• HMC544A- S parameter model


    Is there any chance that I can get the Touchstone file for HMC544A please?



  • HMC544A glitches on switching


    I'm using an HMC544A evaluation board, with the control inputs driven from SN74AHC04 as shown in the data sheet.

    When switching I see glitches like this (the glitch shown here is without RF applied for clarity, but I see the same thing if RF is…

  • HMC544A evaluation board gerber files


    where can I download the gerber files of the evaluation board for HMC544A?

    Can someone send me the files?

    many thanks,

  • HMC544A : Question about the Materials Declaration

    Dear all,

    Currently, my customer has planned the product which uses HMC544A.

    They need the Material Declaration of this chip.

    Though I guided the following URL, two or more Material information is included there.

    --> http://www.analog.com/media…

  • HMC544A: DC blocks at ports RFC, RF1 and RF2


    I am working on a high speed data aquistion system. The low power RF signal of interest is DC coupled and therefore I was thinking of using the HMC544A as a switch. The datasheet looked promising (DC - 4GHz) until I have found the section that DC…

  • I want to use  EVAL - HMC544A at 868 MHz for  Tx/Rx antenna switching. It is not clear from the data sheet whether this switch is bidirectional, can I use it in a way that signal direction can be from RF1 to RFC for Tx and RFC to RF2 for Rx. 

    About EVAL-HMC 544A

  • RF SPDT SW @ low frequency

    Hi all,

    Our customer will try to use the RF SPDT SW @ low frequency circuit, about 1MHz ~ 50MHz.

    They select following devices.




    More performance data @ low frequency ~ 100MHz is available ?

    P1dB,Isolation etc.

    Best regards…

  • HMC544 P1dB + IP3 specification

    Hi there, 

    HMC544A's frequency range is specified from DC-4GHz. Unfortunately P1dB + IP3 parameters are only specified within 0.3-4GHz. My frequency region of interest is 2-100MHz. Does Analog Devices have  the P1dB + IP3 specificaton in the mentioned…

  • ADRF5130 0.7GHz Low frequency limit

    Hi All,

    One of my customer is considering ADF5130 RF Switch for his new design.

    High frequency limit of 3.5GHz is okay for him, however, lower limit of 0.7GHz is too high for his application.

    On the other hand, graph in Figure 5 through 9 shows the…

  • RE: Choosing a mixer for HF transceiver

    I was looking at LNAs and I cannot find anything in a reasonable price range. Probably something like BGA2866 will suit my needs.

    Regarding 4 layers PCB here are the quotes:

    4 layers

    Almost $60.

    2 layers$27.

    I think 2x price difference is huge. Even $27 for a hobby project…