• HMC544


    Our customer would like to know if the "HMC544 basicallys works like a CMOS switch, so when it is on there is a small “on” resistance between the two RF ports and when it is off there is a large resistance between these ports? Is it bi-directional…

  • HMC544 P1dB + IP3 specification

    Hi there, 

    HMC544A's frequency range is specified from DC-4GHz. Unfortunately P1dB + IP3 parameters are only specified within 0.3-4GHz. My frequency region of interest is 2-100MHz. Does Analog Devices have  the P1dB + IP3 specificaton in the mentioned…

  • Why my HMC544 can not switch RF by control A/B

    i use HMC544 for GPS application, switch the external antenna and inside antenna RF, i found the signal seems been mixed by HMC544, i can not turn off one of them via control A/B logic, who can help me? thanks a lot!

  • RE: Choosing a mixer for HF transceiver

    OK, lets do some math regarding overloading LNA.
    Here, in Boston we have 25kW AM broadcast station working at 1.33 MHz, I think it is the most powerful one here. This is 74dBm. Lets assume that we have perfect antennas on both ends and no losses in transmission…