• HMC524 IMD3 performance

      Our customer Xicom is measuring HMC524 IMD3 performance using 2-tone test (1 MHz spacing) and observe IMD3 degradation from 29-30 GHz frequency range. Are there any specs or measured plots for this? Any recommendations for improving the IMD3?


  • RE: HMC524, HMC499, HMC1040

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  • RE: up-converters for RF of 26-30G

    i need the spur table AT 28G Hz for following parts : 

    HMC524, HMC1063,HMCMDB172,HMC977,HMC572,HMC1065, HMC815B and also newly getting released upconverter part.

    Can i get access to that piece of information ?