• HMC521 IQ Mixer

    HMC521 is an IQ Mixer with IF1, IF2 & LO as inputs and RF as outputs.

    Whether HMC521 IQ Mixer can be used as IQ modulator with IF1 & IF2 as digital inputs ?

    What should be the optimum levels for IF1 & IF2 inputs

  • HMC521使用的疑问


  • Replacement part for HMC521 image reject mixer


    I see that the HMC521 mixer is "not recommended for new designs" what is the newer replacement part?

    The goal is to mix ~12.5GHz with ~180MHz to achieve 12.680GHz frequency as clean is possible i.e. with good sideband rejection and…

  • Why is the HMC521 being replaced with the HMC521A?

    We currently use the HMC521 in an existing design and I've understand that this product is no longer for new designs. It seems that the HMC521A will replace it. The preliminary data shows that this new chip will have near identical performance and the…

  • HMC521ALC4 release date update ?

    Hi all,

    We checked following thread.

    Is there a release date for the HMC521A?


    Our customer is waiting for the HMC521ALC4 release.


  • Is there a release date for the HMC521A?

    We use the HMC521 in an existing design, these chips are now hard to obtain and we will need to source an alternative in the new few months. However this will not be necessary if the HMC521A is released in the next few months.

    Is there a release date…