• HMC520A IF1/IF2 Interface schematic


    I have a question. Please tell me.

    Looking at the interface schematic for IF1 and IF2 in the datasheet, there is a difference with and without resistors.

    I think the internal circuits of IF1 and IF2 are the same, is the datasheet correct?


  • Using HMC520a as QPSK modulator

    I am using HMC520a as direct QPSK modulator. In this configuration, should I use IF1 as I channel and IF2 as Q channel or otherwise (IF2 as I and IF1 as Q)? A wrong implementation will give me a phase reversal.

  • Using HMC520A as BPSK.

    I am using HMC520A in a configurable modulator (QPSK/BPSK). When I am using this as BPSK can I just use one port from IF1 and IF2. Should I leave the other port open or terminate using 50 ohm resistance?

  • Questions about OQPSK design using HMC520A

    Hello, Everyone.

    I have a question about HMA520A.

    I am referring to figure 83 in the data sheet of the HMC520A.

    In Figure 83, an external 90 coupler creates a phase difference for the IF signal.

    But, the circuit I think is different from Figure 83.

  • RE: HMC520ALC4 Characteristic Test Method Inquiry.


    Since this is a passive IQ mixer the degradation in phase and ampltiude balance from the HMC520A will be similar for up and downconversion. Since your IF input is around 80MHz, I suggest downconverting to 80 MHz with the same LO frequency. After making…

  • RE: HMC520ALC4 EVAL TEST RESULT....Is it correct ?


    The LO leakage that is shown matches the datasheet specification: 15dBm (LO Drive)- 43dB (LO Isolation)= -28dBm. From what I see here the conversion gain is too low. I think you are using HMC520A as an IQ Modulator. There is a way to reject the LO…

  • RE: 36GHz RF oscillation signal source

    You need a PLL which drives a frequency doubler which drives an amplifier. Possible choices might be ADF4371 (PLL),  HMC1105 (frequency doubler) and HMC7229 (amplifier). These are not the only choices.


  • RE: Query

    This part is EAR99. The attached RFIC selection guide lists the ECCN codes for all of ADI's RF products.