• RE: As for NC pins of HMC519LC4


    Thank you for your advice.

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  • RE: HMC519LC4 supply current

    Hi sss,

    Some of the numbers you've stated above certainly look below the specifications. The data sheet does not specify a min Idd.

    It's always possible for Gain and P1dB to be influenced by the load conditions presented to RFIN and RFOUT. Unless…

  • EVB PCB design for Hittite devices.

    Hi all,

    Our customer need detailed layout guideline and PCB stack up guideline for the following devices.

    Are Gerber files available for the evaluation board?






  • RE: DC block between HMC519 and HMC1019

    Hi Antoine,
    Regarding your scenario #1 from your email below:
    I support the HMC519LC4 and have in the past supported the HMC498LC4, so I can answer definitively for those two products. The HMC519LC4 and HMC498LC4 both have RFIN and RFOUT…