• RE: Footprint for HMC476MP86/476MP86E ?

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  • HMC476MP86 List of Materials for Evaluation PCB

    I read HMC476MP86 Datasheet.

    Is "0603 Pkg" the same meaning as "0.0236inch × 0.0118inch"?
    Or does "0603 Pkg" mean "0.6 mm x 0.3 mm"?
    Can I also do the same interpretation about other parts?

    Please advise.

  • Foundry process of Hittite COTS

    Hello, is the foundry process for the listed Hittite COTS components and Space Grade components the same?

    Part Number: HMC365, HMC495LP3, HMC220MS8, HMC313, HMC476MP86

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