• HMC472A performance at 10MHz

    I would like to use this part over the 10 to 150 MHz range.  Here are my questions:

    Q1:  The graphs on the HMC472A show some fairly serious deviations from ideal in the "Bit Error vs. Frequency" plots at low frequency (10-50MHz).  How were these…

  • HMC472A blocking capacitors

    Hello. If I use HMC472A at DC. Can I remove the blocking capacitors ? In datasheet 1uF for 700 to 2700 MHz. Or HMC472A cant be used at DC? If so, any DSA are recommend for DC. best regards

  • HMC472a , HMC1122 , HMC624


    We are going to buy a DSA evaluation board. I am beginner with these stuff... We are between HMC472a , HMC1122 & HMC624a.

    1) Could you please help choosing? Which DSA is  best for our specifications? We will buy the evaluation board of one of…

  • HMC472A & Hittite attenuator, RF Input Power when Vdd is off ?

    Hi all,

    How about the conditions about Absolute Maximum Ratings when Vdd is off ?

    In the datasheet @ HMC472A,
    Absolute Maximum Ratings
    RF Input Power (DC - 3 GHz) +28 dBm (T = +85°C)

    Is this same condition Vdd=5V and Vdd=0V ?

    Best regards,

  • RE: HMC472A doesn't work


    HMC472A requires DC blocking at RF and ACG caps that will limit low frequency operation so HMC472A cannot be used down to 20 Hz.


  • HMC472A lowest input signal frequency possible to attenuate


    Would you kindly inform what is the lowest signal frequency possible to attenuate in HMC472A? I need to attenuate signals in the DC-500 Hz range, but I am afraid that it won't work even changing ACG capacitors. 

    Best wishes

    Newton Bomeisel …

  • RE: HMC349A and HMC472A

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • HMC472a vs HMC624A

    Hi! I am trying to decide HMC472a vs HMC624A. Both have similar specification and cost about the same. I will use eval-boards. Any advice?

    My application is 700-800MHz, I prefer to use TTL levels for programming (parallel/latch) from a microcontroller…

  • 关于数字衰减器HMC472A的方向性问题


  • RE: HMC773 vs HMC773A


    I am not an engineer related to the HMC773, but I wanted to share these threads:
    RE: Hittite part numbering with suffix "A"

     RE: HMC349A and HMC472A