• Biasing Sequence for GaAs HMC952ALP5GE


    I am trying to design a biasing sequencer which is mentioned in the attached PDF to make sure that it will work with HMC952ALP5GE. However the results that were included in the document shows that the drain voltage will take time to settle down, which…

  • PHEMT bias sequencing circuit


    I'm system engineer, so don't know well about PHEMT or HEMT chip.

    I'd like to use HMC598 and HMC-ALH382, HMC-ALH476 like doubler or AMP.

    These chips are required some bias sequence.

    You can find PDF file about bias

    //Design and…

  • HMC637ALP5E Idd vs. Vgg1 && Power Up/Down Bias Sequence Problems


    I have read many questions and answers about the HMC637ALP5E and various application documents.

    And there are three questions:

    1)The same type amplifier e.g. HMC797APM5E provides a relationship between Idd and Vgg1(Representative of a Typical D…

  • RE: HMC465LP5 Biased with HMC981

    Hi Russell,

    Regarding your described usage of the HMC460LC5, HMC463LP5, and HMC465LP5, I discussed this situation with one of our designers (KB) who is familiar with this type of cascode distributed amplifier architecture. He confirmed that the parameter…