• HMC637ALP5E Idd vs. Vgg1 && Power Up/Down Bias Sequence Problems


    I have read many questions and answers about the HMC637ALP5E and various application documents.

    And there are three questions:

    1)The same type amplifier e.g. HMC797APM5E provides a relationship between Idd and Vgg1(Representative of a Typical D…

  • PHEMT bias sequencing circuit


    I'm system engineer, so don't know well about PHEMT or HEMT chip.

    I'd like to use HMC598 and HMC-ALH382, HMC-ALH476 like doubler or AMP.

    These chips are required some bias sequence.

    You can find PDF file about bias

    //Design and…

  • RE: HMC465LP5 Biased with HMC981

    Hi Russell,

    Regarding your described usage of the HMC460LC5, HMC463LP5, and HMC465LP5, I discussed this situation with one of our designers (KB) who is familiar with this type of cascode distributed amplifier architecture. He confirmed that the parameter…