• HMC460LC5 biasing using the HMC981LP3


    I found the attached file on EngineerZone.

    Q1: Is this the latest and greatest biasing circuit for the HMC460LC5?

    Q2: How is VGate calculated and what is its value?


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  • Re: HMC460LC5 doesn't work

    hi, we purchase eval board of  HMC460LC5, we apply 8V VDD and -0.9V VGG at input frequency 10GHZ with 5dBm input power but board consumes more current approximately 132mA. how it possible? 

    thank you. 

  • Does HMC460LC5 really need a choke?


    Quick check. Does HMC460LC5 do not really need a choke at its power supply input which may help to prevent noise coupling into it? Or has it already have an internal choke designed in it? What is ADI's advice on this matter to have an additional…

  • HMC460LC5 maximum Idd rating ...

    I need to know what is the absolute maximum rating for Idd. I fond in the data sheet typical Idd=75mA but nothing about its absolute maximum rating ... 

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  • FAQ: HMC460LC5 VGG Decoupling Capacitors Purpose

    Q: What is the purpose of the 2.2 uF || 1000 pF decoupling capacitance on the VGG pin of HMC460LC5?

  • Low Frequency Termination on the HMC460LC5

    Is there any documentation available on the effect of changing the capacitance on pins ACG1 and ACG2 of the HMC460LC5?

    The datasheet says they are for low frequency terminations and gives values and packages sizes.

    What happens if I change these?  My…

  • Could you help to show low frequency(100k-300MHz) P1dBout performance of hmc347ALP3E,hmc460LC5,HMC797APM5E?

    HI,could you help to show low frequency(100k-300MHz) P1dBout performance of hmc347,hmc460LC5,HMC797A?

    We can't find relative data description in datasheet.Thanks!

  • We are using HMC460LC5 & HMC573LC3B in our design, do u have any technique to measure Drain Current in these circuits.

    We are using HMC460LC5 & HMC573LC3B in our application. We are providing Gate Voltage necessary for the IC to maintain the Drain Current. But we dont know whether the required Drain current is achieved or not. So, can you please let us know how to measure…

  • DC-20GHz Amplifier Modue (HMC460)

    I would like to know whether HMC460LC5 supports low-frequency to DC.Thank you very much.

  • Reliability Information

    we need reliability information for the following devices .. Please provide the MTBF and FIT rate for the devices mentioned below:


    i) HMC939LP4E

    ii) HMC547LP3E

    iii) HMC460LC5

    iv) HMC641ALP4E

    v) HMC981LP3E.


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