• HMC460LC5

    Hello, I'm using the LNA HMC460LC5 on the ADI / Hititte evaluation PCB 117810 and need to know what type of SMA connector are used on the board.  Could you please supply part numbers and or specifications for them? Are CAD models or drawings available…

  • HMC460LC5 biasing

    Does the HMC460LC5 require DC blocking capacitors (input and output)?



  • Biasing HMC460LC5

    I am having an issue biasing the HMC460LC5.

    First, after setting both the gate and drain voltages to 0V, when I decrease the gate voltage towards pinchoff, the gate current increases to 14mA  by the time I get to -2V which is well beyond its rated max…

  • HMC460LC5 doesn't work

    We purchased an evaluation board of HMC460LC5. After receiving the product, we tested it. But it can not amplify the test signal, we want to why? The detailed test report is attached.

  • 117810-HMC460LC5

    Would it be possible to get the design documents for this evaluation PCB?

  • HMC460lc5 evaluation board


     I've two question regarding the evaluation board layout.

    1) Can pins marked as N/C being connected to the ground(In evaluation board is so) ?

    2) in evaluation board at the point that coplanar structure is connected to ic pin the central connector…

  • HMC460LC5 eval board

    I'm looking for recommendations for a heat sink on the HMC460LC5 eval board.  The boards came with no heat sink attached, but page 9 of the data sheet says "The evaluation board should be mounted to an appropriate heat sink.".  Do we have…

  • HMC659LC5, HMC460LC5, HMC981LP3E, HMC980LP4E

    Part Number: HMC659LC5, HMC460LC5, HMC981LP3E, HMC980LP4E



    I'm planning to have these 2 amps and biasing ICs on my design. I need 60 dBc or better isolation between the amplifiers.


    Are there any VDD biasing designs or parts that can achieve…

  • HMC460LC5不能放大

    最近在ADI官网上通过Mouser Electronics(昴氏电子贸易有限公司)订购了HMC460LC5的评估板,收到货后经过测试发现放大器不能进行放大,反而对信号进行了衰减,不知是何原因? 具体测试过程请见附件中的《测试报告》

  • HMC460LC5 Amplifier OIP2 data


    The amplifier OIP2 data is not available in datasheet, Please provide the same to estimate the IMD2 and 2nd harmonics levels.