• HMC516LC5, HMC451LC3 _phase noise

    Dear team,

    Could we know the phase noise performance about HMC516LC5 and HMC451LC3?

    The operating frequency is 11.8GHz ~ 14.2GHz.

    Thank you.

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  • hmc451lc3 output pin impedance in dc is below 10 ohm

    hi,i have evaluation board of hmc451lc3 and when i measure  the output pin of this amplifier  regarding to gnd pin with ohm meter i see the impedance below 10 ohm and when just power up the amplifier i see the output rf pin has 4 volt difference to gnd…

  • RE: De-embbeded S-parameters (or trace cal) for HMC451LC3 and HMC1082LP4E

    Hi jpeter192,

    Please see attached for the de-embedded HMC451 data. We do not currently have this for the HMC1082 although the spar data in the datasheet is usually manually de-embedded using the thru path of the EVB.

    HMC451LC3 Deembedding data.s2p


  • HMC451LP3/HMC451LC3/HMC441LC3B_2nd harmonic level

    Dear team,

    We are reviewing the devices for the test and measurement application.

    Coule we know the 2nd harmonic level about the following devices?

    1. HMC451LP3

    2. HMC451LC3

    3. HMC441LC3B

    We are looking forward to your advice.

    Thank you



  • Is HMC451LC3 susceptible to hydrogen poisoning

    Is HMC451LC3 susceptible to hydrogen poisoning ?

  • The HMC451LC3 amplifier supply


       Can the HMC451LC3 amplifier supply pins (13 pins and 16 pins) be connected together?

       If the power supply can not be connected together, please give the best power supply connection scheme.


  • HMC451LC3放大器供电


  • RE: How does the RF Amplifier's current change with temperature?

    Hi kkaya.

    Thank you for answer.

    I have some question.

    What program should I use to get a graph of current change with temperature change?
    Can I judge that the current of HMC451LC3 is similar to that of HMC441LC3B?


  • RE: HMC441 and HMC451 suggested layouts solder mask


    I am using the HMC441LC3B, HMC451LP3E, and HMC451LC3.