• HMC424ALP3E Attenuation Response

    I am testing the attenuation response of the HMC424ALP3E and am getting unexpected results past 16dB attenuation. My input signal is at 6.5GHz and the below graph details the response I get as the attenuation is changed from 0dB to 31.5dB. It seems that…

  • HMC424ALP3E input power requirements


    I would like to know whether the digital attenuator HMC424ALP3E requires a linear power input or works fine with a switching power input?

    What is the best power input for HMC424ALP3E ?

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  • HMC424ALP3E and HMC642ALC5 S-parameters


    I would like to get S-parameters for the HMC424ALP3E and HMC642ALC5. Could anyone provide it here? Thank you in advance.



  • HMC424ALP3E interface to microprocessor

    What is the recommendation for interface chip between a microprocessor and the HMC424ALP3E digital attenuator?



  • Attenuation Accuracy of HMC424ALP3E


    I've question anout a spec of  Attemuation Accurasy in the datasheet of HMC424ALP3E. According to the datasheet, it is shown +/- (0.3 + 5% of Atten. Setting) Max dB.  What is 5%? Is it for dB or true value of attenuation?

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  • RE: EVAL-HMC424ALP3 Gerber Files?

    EVAL-HMC424ALP3 Gerber Files are attached below:

  • RFIN/RFOUT port swapping of HMC424ALP3E


    Can we use HMC424ALP3E by swapping RFIN/RFOUT port?

    Our customer would like to use like that way because of layout issue.

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  • HMC424ALP3E : Signal level fluctuation after changing ATT


    We can see a level fluctuation of output signal after changing ATT on HMC424ALP3E.Could you please look at following pictures. They are in case of ATT 0dB to 16dB and 16dB to 0dB. Almost same situation as for other ATTs.

    Does HMC424ALP3E…

  • HMC424ALP3E low frequency 300k-100M insertion loss

    Hi,our customer designing wide frequency ATTENUATOR,HMC424ALP3 maybe used.And they want to know the low frequency 300k-100M insertion loss.However we can't find relative data in datasheet.Could you help to support the relative data?Thanks.FormerMe…

  • HMC424ALP3E low frequency compression and max power

    I am evaluating HMC424ALP3E for use in the frequency range of 1 MHz to 13 GHz. Do you have compression characteristics in the range below 1 GHz? What is the absolute maximum RF input power below 0.5 GHz?