• HMC4069:Output signal unlocked

    Hi! I am using HMC4069 to get a 80M wave. I have an input of 10M wave and set the A0-A4 as 11100 (8). The type of the VCO is CVSS-945-80.000, which has a Kv value of 2kHz/V. It means it can only be tuned in a narrow band. Based on this Kv value, i make…

  • HMC4069

    Can I use a LVPECL source to drive the RF and/or the Ref input on a HMC4069.

  • HMC4069 Evaluation board switch control

    I bought a HMC4069 evaluation board last month. It has 5 bit control pins which decide the frequency division ratio. 

    With A0-A4 1/0/0/0/0, it has to work with 1/2 ratio but failed. It doesn't work with 0/1/0/0/0, either. It works with A0-A4 1/1/1/0/0…

  • Hittite HMC3716 and HMC4069 availability and datasheet request

    Dear Sir

    Please can you confirm the availability of the Hittite HMC3716 and HMC4069 and can I have an up todate datasheet for both?



  • HMC4069 How to use it with external VCO

    Hi! I want to use an external VCO as the input of HMC4069(VCO), but i don't know how to design the circuit for the Vtune of the external VCO. How to get the Vutune needed loaded on the external VCO. Can anyone give some suggestions on this?Thanks a l…

  • HMC4069:Output signal loss lock under some given frequency

    Hi! I have some problems when using HMC4069 together with LT6200 and an external VCO(Crystek), i have an input signal of 40MHz. I set the N divider 2., and want to get signal of double frequency. I made the design using ADISimPLL, The bandwidth of LPF…

  • HMC4069一定要用推荐的有源环路吗?





  • adisimpll仿真hmc4069中有源环路值和手册不一样




  • HMC4069的环路滤波器相位裕度为什么是70度?


    最近打算用HMC4069 PLL,但看手册发现推荐的电路中环路的相位裕度为70度,根据自己了解为了保证系统稳定,相位裕度一般在45度左右,为什么推荐电路中设置到了70度,会对系统有影响吗?看仿真的相噪曲线确实是会好一点。


  • A question about hmc4069 (PLL) loop filter design, can active op circuits convert +/-5V pulse signal to 15V (likewise) tuning voltage?

    hmc4069 PD output : +/-5V (pin NU, ND), charge pump current is 10mA;

    suppose vco tuning voltage is 0~15V.

    As you see, they are not equal , and the latter(15V) is higher than former(5V)

    As the datasheet recommemded , the loop filer is one op circuits …