• HMC394 Output Power Levels


    I am having some trouble understanding the output power levels for the HMC394. For example, let's say that I have an input frequency of 1 GHz and a division ratio of N = 8. Would I expect to have around –23 dBm output on the fundamental feedthru…

  • HMC394 Zin when power off? 

    Is there a recommended way to connect if it will normally be powered down to optimize input match?

  • HMC394 - Phase Noise Floor too high


    we are using the HMC394 5-bit counter in a clock synthesizer application.

    The counter is set to divide by 20. The measured Phase Noise Floor from about 100 kHz to 10 MHz is -140 dBc/Hz with a clean input signal. We need it about 15 dB better, as…

  • HMC394分频芯片管脚问题



    万用表确认是否是短接的, 故邮件确认一下。急用,谢谢!


  • RE: HMC394LP4E datasheet


    The datasheet for HMC394 on the website is suspect and has some errors as you mentioned. We are going to update it asap. For now, I recommend you to reference to HMC440 datasheet, which actually is HMC394 incorporating a digital PFD. Their specifications…

  • RE: HMC394LP4, CML Interfacing to Inputs

    Some of the other HMC dividers have an input network similar to what you described (as an example HMC705 or HMC492), but this part went a different route for some reason.  I also would tend to agree with you the /IN naming convention.

    In regards to the diagram…

  • RE: Requesting the Gerber files for two evaluation boards

    Hi Jim,

    I've attached the requested gerber files.

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  • RE: HMC861 replacement

    Hi JP,

    Perhaps the HMC437, HMC394, or HMC705 might be suitable for your application?

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  • RE: 关于HMC394LP4的管脚问题


  • HMC394LP4 not enough information on data sheet.

    On page 4-2 of the attached HMC394 data sheet, v09.0114, AD provides a plot : "OUTPUT POWER, 5 MAJOR DIVIDE RATIO STATES, T=25°C"


    the output power is given in dBm from N=2 to N=32.


    In my setup, I will inject a SQUARE wave of Fin=3.1805…