• HMC392ALC4

    Can anybody provide S-Parameter for the HMC392ALC4?

    Thank you very much

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    I estimate that the input and output ac coupling capacitors are around 3pf. The NC pins are internally not connected. So they can be grounded or left open.

  • HMC392ALC4

    What is the RF Input Pow

    er Absolute Maximum Ratings for VDD=3.3V?

  • HMC392ALC4 RF Input Power


    In the Absolute Max. Rating specs, the HMC392ALC4 is given for a max. RF input power of +20dBm with VDD=5Vcc. I would like to know the maximum RF input power if the LNA has no DC power supply.

    More precisely, can the HMC392ALC4 handle at its…

  • HMC392ALC4 DC Blocking Cap

    I am using a filter at the output of  HMC392ALC4  and it is getting stressed with the DC voltage initially. So Can you tell me what value of Cap has been used at the RFOUT inside the chip?

  • RE: Does anyone know when the S-parameters of HMC392ALC4 will be available?


    Attached spreadsheet contains s-par data for HMC392ALC4.

    S2p will also be posted to the web in the future.



  • RE: DSP control PLL chip


                         I have a issue . I want  to design a TDD transceiver . I  choose  the HMC392ALC4  as LNA.  The chip  of HMC392ALC4  need to be  controlled in the mode of TDD.   It need to be powered on and off.But  I didn't find the  response time  in the datasheet…