• HMC3716 PFD Lock In Range

    What is the pull in range of the HMC3716 digital phase freq detector? Is it limited to the 10-1300M? The issue is how accurate the initial VCO frequency needs to be. I will use a reference freq of 1000MHz. If the initial VCO freq error means the HMC3716…

  • HMC3716 and HMC439 propagation delay

    Dear RF experts,

    We are using both the parts for a wide-bandwidth PLL design (VCO 14GHz with external frequency divider by 32, KVCO 1GHz/V, VCO modulation bandwidth exceeding 1GHz, loop filter op-amp THS4304 with 3GHz small-signal bandwidth, loop filter…

  • ADI SimPLL and HMC3716 PFD

    Does the latest ADI simPLL  include the HMC3716 phase/freq detector? If not, when will it?

  • HMC3716 NU and ND output load


    I have a question about the impedance the NU and ND output can drive.

    I understand the two outputs can not be load below 2.5 V. So I was connecting them to a differential amplifier. The op amp used is ADA4625-1.  NU is connected directed to the non…

  • HMC3716: NU & ND output voltage or current?

    Hi everyone, I have some questions about the design of loop filter as shown in the page 9 of the HMC3716  datasheet:

    - What's the output of NU & ND? The phase error between RF and LO is represented by the voltage on NU and ND? For example, if there…

  • Hittite HMC3716 and HMC4069 availability and datasheet request

    Dear Sir

    Please can you confirm the availability of the Hittite HMC3716 and HMC4069 and can I have an up todate datasheet for both?



  • Acceptaple range of duty cycle at REF input of HMC3716 Phase/Frequency Detector

    Hello, I am interesting in the acceptable range of duty cycle at REF input of HMC3716 Phase/Frequency Detector. In the datasheet, it is it is indicated the following "The phase frequency detector functionality of the HMC3716LP4E is such that it compares…

  • 关于HMC3716锁定时间和环路带宽的问题


  • ADCMP580输出能否交流耦合到HMC3176?

    我想使用 ADCMP580 将 100MHz 正弦信号整形成方波,作为 HMC3716 的参考输入。但是 HMC3716 需要交流耦合,如果只是简单的插入耦合电容的话,ADCMP580 输出电压会降低到-600~-200mV,不知道是否超出ADCMP580的工作范围

  • RE: What is the phase noise of HMC439 at 10Hz offset for 10 MHz pdf?

    Hi Mustafa,

    Please take a look at the HMC3716 (latest PFD) datasheet page 4.  The phase noise performance of the HMC439 will be similar.  The HMC3716 would be the preferred part, as it's in a smaller package, includes the 200 ohm pull up resistors, has…