• HMC3716 unpowered input

    If HMC3716 is unpowered but a single ended input is present at REF, can that damage the part?

  • [HMC3716]

    I have a simple question:

    If the frequencie of the input and the LO are diferent, how will the output voltage be? Is the one port sent out a votage meant the difference and the other sent out the phase difference? or what?


  • RE: HMC3716 inputs

    Hi Doug,

    The REF / NREF and VCO / NVCO ports can be driven differentially but as you noted they are matched to a 50 ohm differential load internally so depending on the impedance your driving the HMC3716 with you may want to provide some external matching…

  • ADI SimPLL and HMC3716 PFD

    Does the latest ADI simPLL  include the HMC3716 phase/freq detector? If not, when will it?

  • HMC3716 PFD Lock In Range

    What is the pull in range of the HMC3716 digital phase freq detector? Is it limited to the 10-1300M? The issue is how accurate the initial VCO frequency needs to be. I will use a reference freq of 1000MHz. If the initial VCO freq error means the HMC3716…

  • HMC984, HMC3716 and SimPLL

    Does the latest version of SimPLL include models for Hittite phase detector HMC984, or HMC3716 and others. If not, when will they be supported? 

  • RE: What is the phase noise of HMC439 at 10Hz offset for 10 MHz pdf?

    Hi Mustafa,

    Please take a look at the HMC3716 (latest PFD) datasheet page 4.  The phase noise performance of the HMC439 will be similar.  The HMC3716 would be the preferred part, as it's in a smaller package, includes the 200 ohm pull up resistors, has…

  • RE: HMC439QS16GE and HMC3716LP4E input impedance

    Hi Anh,

    Thank you for pointing this out, looks like the FAQ needs to be corrected.Both the HMC439 & HMC3716 datasheets are correct (50Ω differential).

    Best Regards,


  • Hittite HMC3716 and HMC4069 availability and datasheet request

    Dear Sir

    Please can you confirm the availability of the Hittite HMC3716 and HMC4069 and can I have an up todate datasheet for both?



  • HMC439 and HMC3716 spice models

    Dear RF experts,

    I would need spice models of the PFD chips HMC439 and 3716 to simulate transient behavior of my wideband PLL, including nonlinearities from loop filter and VCO. Do you happen to have these models available?

    Many thanks and regards,