• HMC3716 Phase Noise Floor

    Hello ADI support team,

    I am frequently using HMC3716LP4E as phase frequency detector in high performance PLL designs. Often, the phase noise performance of my circuit is limited by the phase noise floor of the chip. On the datasheet, it is shown that…

  • PFD Gain of hmc3716


        In the datasheet of hmc3716, it told me that the PFD Gain is 2/2π V/rad. What confused me a lot is that the unit of PFD Gain is A/rad in a traditional PLL. Using the PFD gain in A/rad multiplied by the loop filter transfer function gives the tuning…

  • RE: HMC3716 inputs

    Since the REF and NVCO pins are internally connected through two forward biased diodes to ground, I don't see how they can be considered differential inputs. I can see the correct waveform at NREF pin, but as expected see nothing but DC on the REF pin…

  • HMC983 and HMC3716 PLL design ?

    Hi all,

    Our customer will design the PLL circuits with HMC983 and HMC3716.

    They evaluated the phase noise performance with their custom boards.

    Comparing the in-band phase noise characteristics of integer mode and fractional mode with the nearly same…

  • how to calculate the transfer function of hmc3716 and the active loop filter


    When I was deriving the transfer function of PLL, I found that HMC3716 is different from traditional phase detector with charge bump. In traditional phase detector with charge bump, we use Kp = Icp / (2π)  to present the gain of phase detector and…

  • HMC3716 input sensitivity

    Hello everybody,

    I plan to use the HMC3716 in a PLL circuit for an oscillator with poorly specified output power.

    Are there more detailed informations available on the input sensitivity of the HMC3716? The minimum input power given in the datasheet says…

  • HMC3716: NU & ND output voltage or current?

    Hi everyone, I have some questions about the design of loop filter as shown in the page 9 of the HMC3716  datasheet:

    - What's the output of NU & ND? The phase error between RF and LO is represented by the voltage on NU and ND? For example, if there…

  • HMC3716 and HMC439 propagation delay

    Dear RF experts,

    We are using both the parts for a wide-bandwidth PLL design (VCO 14GHz with external frequency divider by 32, KVCO 1GHz/V, VCO modulation bandwidth exceeding 1GHz, loop filter op-amp THS4304 with 3GHz small-signal bandwidth, loop filter…

  • HMC3716 unpowered input

    If HMC3716 is unpowered but a single ended input is present at REF, can that damage the part?

  • RE: HMC439 and HMC3716 spice models

    Dear icollins,

    Would there be a way to simulate the HMC3716 in transient simulation? For example, do you have ibis model for this part? 

    Thank you a lot.