• HMC363S8G


  • HMC363S8G eval board noise at Low Frequency


    We are using eval board for the HMC363S8G and have some noise issues at lower frequencies.  The performance is good at input frequencies above 100 MHz, but when I lower my input frequency to 30 MHz (3.75MHZ output) I start to see spurs above the noise…

  • FAQ: HMC Microwave Frequency Dividers by Analog Devices

    Question: Why should I consider using an Analog Devices Microwave Frequency Divider?

    Answer: With the acquisition of Hittite Microwave Corporation, Analog Devices acquired one of the most comprehensive, microwave frequency divider product lines available…

  • RE: Self-oscillation of HMC434E

    In the absence of an input signal the HMC432, 433 and 434 will self-oscillate. A 3.3kΩ resistor should be placed in a shunt configuration from the input pin (3) to ground to prevent this. This does slightly impact the input sensitivity, so be sure that…

  • FAQ: HMC Frequency Dividers