• RE: To extend AD8302 input frequency range

    The HMC361S8G divide-by-2 has a typical constant output power of 3dBm. You would lose all amplitude information.

  • Re: Bond Wires of HMC products

    Thanks for the response.

    I have a few other former Hittite parts which I have been unable to locate the bonding wire. It is most likely that they are all gold, however I would like to verify that. The parts are HMC245AQS16, HMC245AQS16E, HMC361S8G, HMC413QS16G…

  • RE: Self-oscillation of HMC434E

    In the absence of an input signal the HMC432, 433 and 434 will self-oscillate. A 3.3kΩ resistor should be placed in a shunt configuration from the input pin (3) to ground to prevent this. This does slightly impact the input sensitivity, so be sure that…