• HMC349ALP4CE and HMC8038

    I reviewed the specifications for HMC349ALP4CE and HMC8038. I understand that HMC8038 is newer.
    We would like to use one of these switches at 10MHz. The signal is not a pure sine tone, but is closer to the square way.
    Thus, the subharmonics will extend…

  • Is HMC349ALP4CE designed bidirectional?

    I did not find a detailed description of the directionality in the datasheet of HMC349ALP4CE .

    Can I use HMC349ALP4CE with a bidirectional design?

  • Switching Speed of HMC349ALP4CE


    High isolation SPDT switch, HMC349ALP4CE has typ. 150ns for tON and tOFF switching speed.

    I know it is not defined as min and max value due to wide spread.

    But can I get this typ. switching speed of each of tON and tOFF ?

    Especially customer…

  • Operating Temp Range of HMC349ALP4CE


    I found a difference of operating temp range for HMC349ALP4CE as below.

    The operating temp of HMC349ALP4CE In datasheet is -40 to 125 degree C.

    But, the operating temp on ADI's web is -40 to 85 degree C.

    What is the actual specification…

  • Request of  HMC349ALP4CE  Design Files

    Dear supporter,

    We are using HMC349ALP4CE and requesting Gain, isolation, P1db, IP2,IP3, noise vs frequency for  Microwave Office simulations.  Pls assist.




  • looking for S parameters for hmc349alp4c


    i'm looking for the s parameters for the hmc349alp4c spdt switch.

    preferably s3p.

    could not find it on the components site location.

    thanks in advance

  • HMC349

    How can i use HMC349ALP4CE in DC mode.I would like to use HMC349ALP4CE SPDT SWITCH in DC-500MHz frequancy .so can you please mention is there i need to change the circuit.

    Thanks in advance.