• HMC347


    Can you please tell me if the HMC347 is subject to hydrogen poisoning?


  • HMC347


    I have a few questions regarding the HMC347 Control Voltage.

    1.) Do you have min. max. threshold voltages for the control logic?

    2.) What happens to the switch performance when control voltages are between 0 and -5, say -4V, -3V, -2V, or -1V…

  • HMC347


    I'm looking to control four HMC347 die devices using the same driver, could you please tell me the resistance and capacitance for the A / B control inputs? Also would you have switch time numbers above 90%RF? Thanks.

    Best Regards.

  • HMC347A-Die v.s. HMC347B

    Hi all,

    Our customers have used HMC347.
    They will consider choosing a replacement product as the stock purchased at the last time buy will be gone.
    HMC347A-Die and HMC347B are both dies, and there is a difference between suffixes A and B.
    I do not know why…

  • Could you help to show low frequency(100k-300MHz) P1dBout performance of hmc347ALP3E,hmc460LC5,HMC797APM5E?

    HI,could you help to show low frequency(100k-300MHz) P1dBout performance of hmc347,hmc460LC5,HMC797A?

    We can't find relative data description in datasheet.Thanks!

  • 利用ADF4351和HMC347LP3E,设计一个脉冲宽度20ns,脉冲重复频率20KHz,脉内调制2.4GHz正弦波的发射电路




  • HMC347ALP3E SW Control


    I receuved an inquiry about SW control of HMC347 from our customer.

    The Control Input is defined two types (A:High/B:Low and A:Low/B:High) on the datasheet.

    Are there any problem if A & B is Low or A & B is High transiently?

    Best Regards…