• hmc346

    I want to know if the component is unidirectional or if RF1 and RF2 can be used as input and output 

  • HMC346 - DC current at +/-5V supply


    the datasheet of HMC346


    does not include the DC currents at the +/-5 Volt supply voltage.

    Does anybody know about it ?

    We would like to use a DC/DC converter


  • HMC346 RF connection to DC ground

    Does anyone know if there is a problem with DC grounding the RF pins of the HMC346 VVA?  Do I need a DC block?

  • HMC346 vs HMC346AMS8G/E and when is the release date

    When is the release of the HMC346AMS8G & E. Will this version have a tighter grouping of attenuation and phase vs control voltage. I currently use the hmc346 which is at the end of life, and we need to pre-screen each device for a 6 channel 3x user per…

  • What is the settling time of the HMC346 control voltage input?

    If I provide a full-scale step change on the HMC346's input (0v to -3V), how long will it take for the part to change the attenuation?

  • RE: On the difference of characteristics between HMC346MS and HMC346AMS


    Hi Makio,

    The HMC346A has a control voltage range from 0V to -5V whereas the HMC346 has a control voltage range from 0V to -3V. The DAC output voltage and resistor values in your application may need to be changed when HMC346 is replaced with HMC346A.

  • Request the datasheet of HMC346ALC3B


    My customer used HMC346 with Die type, but this device will be EOL and Last Time Buy date of this device is Dec-16.

    And your recommended replacement is HMC346ALC3B with Package type.

    Actually I receive your comments that you don't support Die…

  • HMC346MS8GE vs. HMC346AMS8GE


    I have a question about HMC346AMS8GE.

    According to the PDN 16_0010, HMC346MS8GE and HMC346AMS8GE are not "Pin to Pin Compatible". However, I can't find different points between them about pin location and electrical specifications…

  • RE: Recommended footprint for HMC346AMS8GE

    Hi Akira,

    HMC346 and HMC346A share the same footprint.

    Best Regards,


  • RE: Looking for a Voltage Variable Attenuator

    ADI's VVAs can be found at the following link:

    Voltage Variable Attenuators | Analog Devices 

    As an example, doing a quick search on the HMC346, it can be ordered at Avnet, min quantity of 1:

    Avnet Express - Electronic Components Distributor and…