• HMC313 : Test data in the datasheet and Evaluation board


    Was the test data of HMC313 datasheet measured by HMC313 Eva board which is shown page 8 in the datasheet? If yes, were LCR parts used the table in the page 8 of the datasheet?

    As the Eva. board of HMC313, the pad of J1 and J2 are larger than other…

  • HMC313 matching app note

    Good day.

    On HMC313 product page, it is said "The HMC313(E) is a GaAs InGaP Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) MMIC amplifier that operates from a single Vcc supply. The surface mount SOT26 amplifier can be used as a broadband gain stage or…

  • Foundry process of Hittite COTS

    Hello, is the foundry process for the listed Hittite COTS components and Space Grade components the same?

    Part Number: HMC365, HMC495LP3, HMC220MS8, HMC313, HMC476MP86

    Best Regards

  • HMC313 Evaluation board problem

    Hi All,

    I am checking the working of HMC313 on the evaluation board and attached the result checked on network Analyzer .

    Condition :

    Input level : -15dBm

    Supply : 6V with 22ohm.

    This result is different from that of what is described on the data…

  • ADI针对电子测试和测量的RF和微波解决方案,优势在哪?