• HMC313 output matching w/Evaluation Board

    Hi all,

    Our cust evaluated the HMC313E w/ 104217-HMC313.

    Attached the file is result of evaluation @ Gain & Return Loss.

    Target frequency is 5.8GHz, but gain is degraduation.

    We checked the following thread.


  • FAQ: HMC313 Evaluation Board Gain

    Q: I’m not getting the expected gain from the HMC313 eval board above 3 GHz. Is this to be expected?

  • RE: HMC313 Evaluation board problem

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  • RE: HMC313 matching app note

    Hi KAgan,

      the frequency we used is 3.7GHz to 5.2GHz,and two HMC313 used as series.

    and we find the phenomenon:(we used the same Input  )
     RF  at 3.7GHz  higher than RF  at 5.2GHz 9db.

    May I use the Blocking capacitor and DC block to flat the output?




  • RE: HMC313 : Test data in the datasheet and Evaluation board

    Hi AkiraO,

    The heavy roll-off vs. frequency shown in the plot at right below is likely caused by the RF choke on the EVB.

    That choke is Coilcraft part # 0805CS-220XJLB, with S-parameters that can be found here: http://www.coilcraft.com/zip/0805cs.zip

  • HMC313_Vcc_Voltage

    Hello. Please tell me.

    Customers are considering HMC313.

    Regarding the power supply specifications of HMC313, there is a description of the typical value of 5V and a description of the Absolute Maximum of 5.5V, but there is no specification of min.


  • Foundry process of Hittite COTS

    Hello, is the foundry process for the listed Hittite COTS components and Space Grade components the same?

    Part Number: HMC365, HMC495LP3, HMC220MS8, HMC313, HMC476MP86

    Best Regards

  • ADI针对电子测试和测量的RF和微波解决方案,优势在哪?






  • RE: User Guide of ADF4157 EVB

    Hi Alex,

    I've attached the ADF4157 Eval Board user guide (this should come on the CD). The board uses a parallel port interface but we have included a USB

    adaptor board in all new eval board kits now so you can communicate with this board via USB…