• RE: FAQ: HMC313 Evaluation Board Gain

    A: The issue is caused by the design of the evaluation, specifically the location of the L1 bias induction. Ideally this inductor should touch down on the RF output trace. Instead the inductor is set back from the RF trace shown in Figure 1. This is causing…

  • HMC313 Residual Phase Noise

    Hi Application team,

    Is it possible to provide Residual Phase Noise for HMC313 ?

    My customer is using HMC311LP3 but would like change to HMC313 for better reverse isolation.

    The residual phase noise of HMC311LP3 is in the selection table, but I couldn…

  • HMC313 matching app note

    Good day.

    On HMC313 product page, it is said "The HMC313(E) is a GaAs InGaP Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) MMIC amplifier that operates from a single Vcc supply. The surface mount SOT26 amplifier can be used as a broadband gain stage or…

  • HMC313 output matching w/Evaluation Board

    Hi all,

    Our cust evaluated the HMC313E w/ 104217-HMC313.

    Attached the file is result of evaluation @ Gain & Return Loss.

    Target frequency is 5.8GHz, but gain is degraduation.

    We checked the following thread.


  • HMC313 Evaluation board problem

    Hi All,

    I am checking the working of HMC313 on the evaluation board and attached the result checked on network Analyzer .

    Condition :

    Input level : -15dBm

    Supply : 6V with 22ohm.

    This result is different from that of what is described on the data…

  • HMC313 : Test data in the datasheet and Evaluation board


    Was the test data of HMC313 datasheet measured by HMC313 Eva board which is shown page 8 in the datasheet? If yes, were LCR parts used the table in the page 8 of the datasheet?

    As the Eva. board of HMC313, the pad of J1 and J2 are larger than other…

  • Foundry process of Hittite COTS

    Hello, is the foundry process for the listed Hittite COTS components and Space Grade components the same?

    Part Number: HMC365, HMC495LP3, HMC220MS8, HMC313, HMC476MP86

    Best Regards

  • ADI针对电子测试和测量的RF和微波解决方案,优势在哪?