• HMC311ST89 Output negative?

    I used the HMC311ST89 to amplify the signal which speed is 5Gbps, why its output is negative ,like the input signal is "10011",after amplifying, the output is "01100", is there any other amplifier output positive?

  • HMC311ST89 End-of-Life/Last Time Buy?

    Hi Kağan,

    I was planning to use HMC311ST89 in a new design. I noticed it is shown as checked Last Time Buy on the ADI's webpage. Is it last time buy or not?

  • Whether the HMC311ST89 can be used to enlarge the RZ signal

    I want to use HMC311ST89 to amplify the RZ signal like the data rate is 5Gbps and the Periodic code type is "1000"  ,whether it is feasible?

       Looking forward to your soonest reply!

      Thank you!

  • HMC311ST89是否能对归零信号进行放大

    请问,我想用HMC311ST89对速率为:5Gbps  码型为:“1000” 的归零信号进行放大,是否可行?

  • HMC313 : Test data in the datasheet and Evaluation board


    Was the test data of HMC313 datasheet measured by HMC313 Eva board which is shown page 8 in the datasheet? If yes, were LCR parts used the table in the page 8 of the datasheet?

    As the Eva. board of HMC313, the pad of J1 and J2 are larger than other…