• HMC311LP3 X-parameters

    Could I get X-parameters for HMC311LP3.


  • HMC313 Residual Phase Noise

    Hi Application team,

    Is it possible to provide Residual Phase Noise for HMC313 ?

    My customer is using HMC311LP3 but would like change to HMC313 for better reverse isolation.

    The residual phase noise of HMC311LP3 is in the selection table, but I couldn…

  • RE: Bias Inductor on HMC311 Evaluation Board

    On the evaluation board for HMC311LP3 and HMC311SC70, L1 is 22 nH.

    On the evaluation board for HMC311ST89E, L1 is 18 nH.

  • 请问标注为“4F”的是什么器件



  • Land Pattern for LP3, LP4 & LP4C

    I am currently creating footprints to use in a board layout.

    The suggested land pattern drawing for the LP3, LP4 & LP4C packages has a chamfer on 2 corners of the openings for the pins, but there are no dimensions for this.

    Also, how much smaller…

  • RE: Design kit of HITTIE

    S parameter files exist for some of the Hittite products.  If available, a link will be visible on the product page.  For example, this link --> http://www.analog.com/en/products/amplifiers/rf-amplifiers/gain-blocks/hmc311lp3.html leads to the product…

  • RE: HMC311ST89 End-of-Life/Last Time Buy?


    The status info on product pages are up to date, which means HMC311ST89 s at LTB stage. You can use HMC311SC70 or HMC311LP3 which are at production status. If you need ST89 package, you can choose from our many gain blocks in the same package.