• HMC292A HMC292 Additional Data

    This document attempts to include HMC292A and HMC292 additional data taken for different setups and conditions from datasheet. All the data is based on evaluation board and traces and board are not deemebeded, unless otherwise noted.

    1. Sparameter comparison…

  • RE: HMC773A: Can we swap LO/IF port?


    Thank you for your answer. Yes, I'll advise to the customer getting the evaluation board of HMC773A and testing it.

    By the way, according to the customer, he has used HMC412AMS8GE and HMC292LM3C by swapping the ports before. HMC412, HMC292 and…

  • HMC292ALC3B conversion loss problem

    Problems with power transfer are occurring with the HMC292ALC3B. The HMC292 has been mounted on a PCB not identical to the evaluation board using a CPW design and SMA launch which has been tested previously, as shown here:

    The setup involves the HMC292…