• HMC129 part compatibility 1997rev and a 2007 rev part


    I have some Hittite dies from 1997 HMC129. the fets on the die appear to a lot smaller than the 2007 die parts.

    they are both HMC129 parts. I can not find data on the 1997 part. are they interchangeable?

    1997 device

    2007 device

  • RE: Phase Detector

    Hi Sai,

    I'm not aware of a Phase Frequency Detector (anywhere) with a higher input frequency than the ones I recommended. You can consider adding a prescaler before the HMC469 or HMC3716 to reduce the input frequency and keep 'N' small or consider…

  • Hittite RF - Machine & Charged Device Model Class

    Hi Tech support,

    Could you help to provide Machine and Charged Device Model Class on Hittite RF parts, see attached list.

    Thank you.