• HMC1197 LPF configuation

    How can I config HMC1197's Programmable Harmonic LPF ? the  Register is Reg 21h,but HMC1197 has only 5 bit reg address.

  • HMC1197 Programming

    Customer is programming 2 HMC1197 modulators using shared SPI CLK, DIN and DOut with separate SEN lines. They observe that always the second modulator to get programmed either comes up unlocked. or locked with  very noisy output. They have experimented…

  • HMC1197 SPI SEN

    Can you clarify the behavior of the SPI interface regarding the state of the SEN pin?

    Datasheet section 1.8.1 says:

    g. Master asserts SEN after the 32nd rising edge of SCLK.

    h. Slave registers the SDI data on the rising edge of SEN.

    i. Master clears SEN…

  • HMC1197 DC power lines

    Our customer is planning to drive each of HMC1197 5V and 3.3V lanes with separate LDOs, their inquiries with this regard are:

    • Max current by for each +5V and  +3.3V DC inputs
    • VCO  EXT_P & EXT_ N  ,  LOP and LON outputs are not being used, is it ok not…
  • HMC1197 IF signal range

    The HMC1197 datasheet does not specify the IF frequency input range,please kindly help to guide.

    11,12 : QN,QP

    26, 25 : IN,IP

  • HMC1197 signal constellation twitches.

    Hello! We use the hmc1197 modulator at a frequency of 460 MHz. At the output of the modulator, the signal constellation twitches, what can this be connected with?

    Click here to play this video

  • RE: Connecting the AD9783 to HMC1197

    Assumed answered offline.  Let us know if you have further questions.

  • RE: Interfacing HMC900 to HMC1197

    Why AC coupling is not possible? A capacity can be used to fix the common mode voltages mismatch.

  • How to set HMC1197 register


    I will evaluate the EKIT01-HMC1197LP7F, but have no relaled materials, can you please help share?(like the register setting file, User guide file about how to set the register and so on).

    Thanks a lot!

  • HMC1197读取芯片ID失败

    HMC1197读取芯片ID失败(Reg00h)串口一直显示为00 FF FF FF。而且用示波器检测,发现时钟信号的电压低于1V。read部分的程序已经在附件中。希望有经验的朋友能给予指导。