• HMC1197 SPI

    According to the datasheet of the HMC1197 IQ-modulator an SPI master places 24-bit data on the SDI for transmitting.

    My question is the following:

    Most 32-bit microcontrollers allow up to 16-bit data frame to send in one transmission cycle.

    Is it possible…

  • HMC1197 soft  code

    Hi,recently our customer testing HMC1197 and found that the code they designed themselves can't work well  for  the output frequency.Can you help to support the detailed soft reference codes with HMC1197? Thanks!

  • HMC1197 PLL

    Can the PLL in HMC1197 operate in Integer-N mode?

  • HMC1197 IF signal range

    The HMC1197 datasheet does not specify the IF frequency input range,please kindly help to guide.

    11,12 : QN,QP

    26, 25 : IN,IP

  • Interfacing HMC900 to HMC1197

    I am using the HMC900 as a low pass filter before inputting the signal into the HMC1197.  The common mode voltage of the two devices is not compatible.  The minimum common mode voltage output from the HMC900 is 1.5V (5V/2 -1), but the HMC1197 requires 0…

  • Connecting the AD9783 to HMC1197


    I'm trying to implement an RF generator using the AD9783 and HMC1197. The AD9783 and its digital input would be used to control the amplitude of the baseband signal, then modulated to he LO frequency by the HMC1197. The idea is to use the evaluation…

  • HMC1197 signal constellation twitches.

    Hello! We use the hmc1197 modulator at a frequency of 460 MHz. At the output of the modulator, the signal constellation twitches, what can this be connected with?

    Click here to play this video

  • How to set HMC1197 register


    I will evaluate the EKIT01-HMC1197LP7F, but have no relaled materials, can you please help share?(like the register setting file, User guide file about how to set the register and so on).

    Thanks a lot!

  • HMC1197 input (applying I+-/Q+- )

    the HMC1197-evaluation board as an image rejection IQ up converter. Before doing PCB work, we've tested the evaluation board with conditions below



    1. signal generaton : FPGA -> DAC 

    2. I/Q is made with the…

  • Does HMC1197 support HMC mode SPI?

    Does HMC1197 support HMC Mode SPI? I can't found it in the datasheet of HMC1197.