• Frequency Hopping with Hittite PLLVCO's

    This application note describes how to implement a manual VCO calibration to achieve the fastest settling time with Hittite PLLVCO products.

  • How to use HMC1190LP6GE for operation of phase syncronization

    Dear Sir.

    How should we connect external circuit to HMC1190 and set register of HMC1190 for phase syncronization by multiple HMC1190LP6GE? If there are any application note for using maltiple HMC1190LP6GE, it very welcome.

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  • RE: Maximum delay difference at IF out among HMC1190As

    Hi Sefa,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, this inquiry is from the same customer with the link. We received the inquiry not only HMC1190 but also HMC1190A, again. I understand you don't have such data of HMC190A, too.

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  • RE: Serial port communication with HMC1190LP6GE using FT2232D and D2XX library


    Thank you for your response and sample VB code. I am trying to figure it out and make my C code work with HMC1190 evaluation board that I have. It is not an easy task to do. Some one step higher abstraction level documentation for serial port…

  • RE: HMC1197 soft  code


    Are you able to communicate with HMC1197 over SPI using the FTDI board? Can you read/write registers? If that is the case you can find an example VB code following this link:


  • RE: About HMC1197 EVAL without USB Interface Board


    "EKIT01-HMC1197LP7F, Evaluation Board - HMC1197LP7FE Evaluation Kit" comes along with the USB board.

    I don't think you can order the USB board separately. If you happen to have a USB board for other HMC products, for example HMC1190,…

  • Read HMC1197's registers but only get Reg 00h's value


    I'm trying to communicate with HMC1197. I can read Reg00h's value(C7701A). But when I tried to read any other READ ONLY register, like Reg 07h, I got always C7701A.

    Following ,is my scope screen-captures when i want to read Reg 07h


  • RE: HMC832 PLL

    Both HMC830 and HMC832 will meet these requirements but the application must utilize a tunable reference and manual tuning to meet the -60dBc spurious and hop time requirements.  I've attached an appnote on manual tuning.  With a fixed 50MHz reference Figure…

  • HMC830 Frequency Hopping - Direct LUT ?


    I'm working with the PLL VCO HMC830.

    I want to use a look-up table (LUT) for manual calibration, as decribe in "Frequency Hopping with Hittite PLLVCOs Application Note" (attached) (https : // www . hittite.com/content/documents/application_notes…

  • 'Must Knows' about ADI's family of Hittite PLL+VCO and Clock Timing products

    The attached FAQ document provides additional information on the use of the PLL+VCO and Clock Timing family of products.  Specifically,

    the applicable products are:

    HMC820LP6CE             HMC821LP6CE             HMC822LP6CE             HMC824LP6CE             HMC826LP6CE

    HMC828LP6CE             HMC829LP6GE             HM…