• HMC1144 Pad dimensions

    Hello, please, share the pad dimensions for HMC1144 (passivation opening that is). What is the die dimensions tolerance and thickness tolerance? Thank you.

  • HMC1144 MMIC Amplifier

    The maximum RF input power for this device is +22dBm without damage.  My question is, what is the maximum RF power the OUTPUT can see without damage due to reflected power from an oscillating power amplifier?  Does the RF power the OUTPUT can see without…

  • HMC1144 eval board or X-module


    is there an evaluation board or connectorized module available to acquire that is based on HMC1144? 

    Thank you.

  • LOW drain current (AUH320, ALH509, HMC1144)


    I am a student and I designed a 77 GHz TRx in which I used ALH509 as LNA and AUH320 as PA. The problem is in biasing and I can't reach the maximum currents as it is mentioned in Datasheets, i.e., 70mA instead of 130mA in AUH320 or 15mA instead…

  • 2HD, 3HD data of HMC441-Die and HMC462-Die


    Could you share the 2nd and the 3rd harmonic distortion data?

    If there is no data of these products, something of the same product series is also fine.



  • ltc2641 die -

    The largest temp range the DAC will operate per the data sheet is -40 to +85 C. If I get the die will it operate at -55 to 125C? I will be mounting the die on ceramic substrate.

    does the assumption that it will work if properly heatsunk although the…

  • HMC939A-DIE

    Please provide S-parameters for HMC939A-DIE. Thanks.

  • Die Temperature

    How can I determine the die temperature of your device?

  • HMC341 die

    Where can I get the S parameter of LNA HMC341 measured on die? The S papameter offered on website is the results measured on test board.