• FAQ: HMC1131 Evaluation Board Loss

    Q: Can you provide the loss on evaluation board for HMC1131?

  • FAQ: HMC1131 Evaluation Board Biasing


    Is it ok to Tie all VDD Inputs to a single 5V rail and both of VGG inputs to a single -2V rail?




  • FAQ: External bypass capacitors on HMC1131

    Q: Is it possible to reduce the number external bypass capacitors on HMC1131?

    A: You may use one 2.2 uF for all the Gate Bias Pins and one 2.2 uF for all the Drain Bias Voltage Pins. 100 pF and 1 nF per drain/gate line is still recommended.

  • HMC499 HMC1131 or other Analog Controlled VGA's


    I am thinking of using a medium power amplifier to increase my Tx power in a K-band system, however currently I don't have a negative voltage circuitry in my design. What would you recommend for that purpose?

    My question is for Hmc499 or Hmc1131…

  • How to Bias HMC1131 using HMC920

    Hi All,

          We are working on a RF project & planning to use HMC920 active bias controller for biasing a Pow. Amplifier  HMC1131

          I am  finding some issues in handling HMC920 active bias controller.We have followed the circuit provided in the datasheet…

  • HMC1131 About S parameter of THRU_CAL line


    I would like to use HMC1131.

    So, I have a question. Please help me.


    There is a line for THRU_CAL on the evaluation board of the HMC 1131.
    Do you have S-parameter data for this line?

    If you have data, please let me know.


  • HMC1131 Evaluation Board "K" Connectors

    The datasheet for the HMC1131 lists J1 and J2 as K Connectors, but does not list the sex of the connector. What is the sex of these connectors?

  • HMC1131 EVB seems to be different from datasheet

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I've purchased HMC1131's EVB recently and the PN# is EV1HMC1131LC4.

    After I received this EVB, I found that it seems be different from the EVB on HMC1131 datasheet.

    The PN# of HMC1131 in datasheet, it's 600-00145-00-1.

  • HMC-1131 Evaluation Board Biasing


    I recently received the evaluation board for the HMC1131 part, EV1HMC1131LC4. 

    Currently, I am just trying to bias the amplifiers. I was following the biasing instructions on page 11 of the datasheet to establish the pinch off condition in the amplifiers…

  • HMC498 Vgg v. Idd?

    Is there a curve showing the Vgg v. Idd characteristic? I've been using the biasing procedure similar to the HMC1131 shown in the external biasing for RF amps application note (https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/application-notes…