• HMC1120 for envelope tracking application


    I intend to use HMC1120 for my new envelope tracking project for RF power amplifier.

    Is there any supporting documents for this IC.

    Also I plan to purchase the evaluation board for the same.

    How can I setup the connections for efficiency optimization…

  • HMC1120的包络检波功能


  • What are the differences between HMC1021 and HMC1120?


    I'm looking for a supply modulator for envelope tracking application.

    I came across some envelope trackers from HMC.

    What are the differences between HMC1021 and HMC1120?

    Which is better for this application?


    Vishnu R

  • Composite Power Detector and Envelope Detector Response Time

    I  need a power detector that measure total power of multi-carrier in 500 MHz bandwidth . Are HMC1020  and HMC1120's true RMS power mode  able to do this measurement of composite power? And also I  need to  know HMC1120's envelope detector response time…

  • RE: Peak and RMS detector

    Take a look at the ADL5502 and the HMC1120. Both have RMS & peak hold detection capability.  The HMC1120 has envelope tracking functionality as well.

    I'd also look at the ADL5511, which is RMS and envelope detection.

  • RE: Voltage detector

    I'd take a look at the ADL5511 and the HMC1120.  I believe with the proper valued caps, both can go down to 300kHz.

  • 超高频包络检波选型咨询


  • Help selecting the RF power detector/controller


    I am designing a broad band 40 dBm power amplifier (PA) in the frequency range of 0.5-2.5 GHz. I would like to implement Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to precisely control the output power of the PA. After much research, I decided to use HMC1120, mainly…

  • RE: RF envelop detector & power design solution for envelop tracking RF PA


    These are RF power detectors.

    You suggest to use them for envelope tracking application?

    HMC1120 is stated as envelope tracker in it's datasheet.

    Is there any advantage if I use this for envelope tracking?

    Are there any other AD ICs suitable for…

  • Complete Scheme of RF PA Supply using Envelope Tracking Devices

    I am designing an Envelope Tracking System and came across some devices (e.g. HMC1120 and other alternatives) which are capable of doing so.

    Request some pointers for complete schemes/solutions/reference designs using ADI's power management devices which…