• FAQ: Operating SOI Switches with a Single Supply


    Many of the RF and Microwave SOI switches require dual voltage supplies (VDD and VSS). Which of these may be operated with only a single positive supply (VDD)?



    Certain switches from the SOI portfolio may be operated using only a single positive…




    Attached are the gerber files for the HMC624A and HMC1118 Evaluation PCBs.


  • RE: DC Coupling HMC194A

    Thank you very much for your help with this. I think that the HMC1118 as you suggest is a good way to go.

    Best Regards.

  • RE: EV1HMC1118LP3D S-parameters measurement

    After reading again the HMC1118 datasheet more carefully, it appears that the data provided into the s-parameters files exhibit a significant difference if compared to the "Typical Performance Characteristics", on pages 7 and 8.

    Here is a comparison…

  • EV1HMC1118LP3D Connectors and plating thickness


    The target is to populate and measure the thru on the EV1HMC1118LP3D evaluation board.

    What is the part-number of the SMA connectors populated on the board?

    Based on the 600-01012-00-1 gerbers notes, RF transmission lines layer (METAL-01) is…

  • RE: HMC241AQS16 low frequency IP3

    HI, thanks for the response and for the suggestions.

    The part you proposed, HMC1118, is only a two ways switch. Do you have a

    similar component with 4 ways?

    Regarding our application, we work with about +10dBm power level, so the

    estimated P1dB…

  • RE: HMC547 ac coupling question

    Hi MN,

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    Do you have the release date of the HMC1118? You may email me at andreas.tan@excelpoint.com.sg.

    Thank you once again.

  • RE: HMC778 How to mute output signal and force LD low?


    Disabling the VCO and PLL are not the same as forcing the LD value to equal zero since anytime the synthesizer is not phase locked, the LD bit will equal zero. 

    The PLL can be disabled by setting REG 0x01[1:0] = 0  (verified using evaluation board and…

  • HMC1118LP3DE Package Dimensions

    Hello Support Team,

    I am interested in using HMC1118 in my RF circuit design. I am trying to draw the corresponding pads for pins and the chip but the information in the datasheet is insufficient. I tried to search for the JEDEC Standard MO-220-VEED…

  • RE: A Frequency Synthesizer source for SFCW radar?

    Hi Amin,

    Yes the ADF5355 could be used to generate the frequencies for an SFCW radar application however I believe you'll need some peripheral devices to take full advantage of it's bandwidth benefits. First of all, you'll need a switch for frequencies…