• In-circuit Test Parametric for hmc1118 and ADRF5040

    Hi ,

    I would like to have a simple testing at In-circuit Test for hmc1118 and ADRF5040.The objective is only test the swicthing is functioning.

    1. can I source DC volatge at "RFC" pin and expect same DC voltage at "RF1" or "RF2" ? What is a limit of…

  • About the difference between HMC1118 chip storage and channel temperature

    I used a 150°C heat gun to heat up the HMC1118 chip for a minute recently and quickly found that nearly half of the IC was blown, which showed a significant drop in insertion loss performance and return loss performance. Should I heat up the chip at a…

  • HMC1118 - can connect two together without decoupling capacitors?

    Can two HMC118 switches be connected to each other without decoupling capacitors (DC coupling)?

  • HMC1118(SPDT) & ADRF5040(SP4T) Max power at 9 KHz

    Please help.

    How to calculate the Max power that can be applied at 9 kHz input frequency based on Power derating graph On HMC1118(SPDT) and ADRF5040(SP4T)  switches data sheet ? The data sheet has a power derating plot ,at 9 KHz it is -22 dBm which means…

  • HMC1118能切换 10MHz 正弦波信号的输入输出吗?

    请问我想通过HMC1118切换 10MHz 正弦波信号的输入输出,可以吗?通过后10MHz的衰减有几个dbm?如果HMC1118不行的话,有没有其他推荐的芯片,谢谢!




    Attached are the gerber files for the HMC624A and HMC1118 Evaluation PCBs.


  • RE: DC Coupling HMC194A

    Thank you very much for your help with this. I think that the HMC1118 as you suggest is a good way to go.

    Best Regards.

  • RE: HMC547 ac coupling question

    Hi MN,

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    Do you have the release date of the HMC1118? You may email me at andreas.tan@excelpoint.com.sg.

    Thank you once again.

  • RE: EV1HMC1118LP3D S-parameters measurement

    After reading again the HMC1118 datasheet more carefully, it appears that the data provided into the s-parameters files exhibit a significant difference if compared to the "Typical Performance Characteristics", on pages 7 and 8.

    Here is a comparison…

  • FAQ: Operating SOI Switches with a Single Supply


    Many of the RF and Microwave SOI switches require dual voltage supplies (VDD and VSS). Which of these may be operated with only a single positive supply (VDD)?



    Certain switches from the SOI portfolio may be operated using only a single positive…