• HMC1118 RF Switch Spurious levels with Single supply operation

    What is typical spurious level when using HMC1118 switch by single positive supply voltage applied to the VDD pin and the negative voltage input pin (VSS) connected to ground?

    Please provide test data if available, Also specify spurious frequency ranges…

  • About the difference between HMC1118 chip storage and channel temperature

    I used a 150°C heat gun to heat up the HMC1118 chip for a minute recently and quickly found that nearly half of the IC was blown, which showed a significant drop in insertion loss performance and return loss performance. Should I heat up the chip at a…

  • HMC1118 minimum operation frequency


    Can I use HMC1118 for signal that have bandwidth 1 kHz - 10 GHz? Is HMC1118 able to work with signal frequencies below 10 MHz?

    What is the value of P1dB at 1kHz-70MHz?

  • HMC1118 bidirectional switch ?

    Can i use HMC1118 in reverse way. ie. RF1 and RF2 input and output at RFC ?


  • RE: HMC1118 Switch Power Up sequence

    If this failure is produced, the ESD diode between Vctrl/Ls and Vdd will be demaged. The forward voltage of diode(from Vstrl/Ls to Vdd) will be from ~0.6V to open circuit.

  • HMC1118 Insertion Loss


    I  would like to ask a question on the test conditions under which the HMC1118 insertion loss is specified.

    Q: The HMC1118 INSERTION LOSS specifications in the datasheet seem to be specified to small input signals.

    What is the  level in dBm of the…

  • HMC1118 raw S-parameters

    My customers are evaluating the HMC1118 using the EVAL-HMC1118.
    The customer measured the S-parameter.
    However, customers can not make measurements using the De-embedding function.
    About EVAL - HMC1118 Can you show me data that does not use the De-embedding…

  • Questions on ADL5243 and HMC1118

    To EZ staff,


     I posted some questions on the ADL5243 and HMC1118 about ten days ago, but still have not

    rereived any answer from anybody. 

    Any response would be appreciated.

    Best Regards,


  • HMC1118 Phase difference between units


    We are planning to use the HMC1118 switch for a system where we need phase matching between different channels. Each channel will have a HMC1118 switch and we are wondering if you have any data about phase measurement over different units. In case…

  • A quick question on  the HMC1118 insertion loss


    I would like to ask a quick question on  the HMC1118 insertion loss.

    Q: Do the numbers for insertion loss specified in datesheet implicitly include the return loss?

    Best Regards,