• bias controller for hmc1114pm5e and s2p file for hmc1114pm5e ?

    Hi , i want to know the best bias controller for hmc1114pm5e also it seems there is no s2p file available  for this part? it seem more complicated than other rf amplifiers.

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  • HMC1114PM5E S-Parameters

    Dear all,

    I am looking to use the HMC1114PM5E for a design. Would anyone be able to provide the S2P file or point me in the right direction?

    Thanks for your help!

  • PDN of HMC8500LP5DE & HMC1114LP5DE

    Dear Sir,

    For PDN18_0034 as below, would you kind to provide the data spec of HMC8500PM5E & HMC1114PM5E for difference clarification ? 



  • RE: HMC1114LP5DE incorrect supply current in datasheet?

    Hi guitarjrw,

    The supply current of 150 mA is the quiescent current, i.e. the DC bias current under the condition of no RF input drive. Under small-signal RF drive that current should remain very close to 150 mA. The drain current required a higher RF…