• RE: Can the HMC1113 output an DC signal from IF pins while given RF and LO 10G sine wave but different phase?

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  • What is the best digital-baseband configuration for using ADRV9371-W/PCBZ evaluation board with the ADRF6780 Ku band upconverter and HMC1113 Ku band downconverter

    We are currently using the ADRF6780 and HMC1113 eval boards with our USRP X300/X310 boxes, but want to eliminate the double upconvert/downconvert using our ADRV9371-W/PCBZ boards

  • Power-Up/Down sequence of HMC1113, HMC924 & HMC709


    I would like to know power-up/spwn sequence of HMC1113LP5E, HMC924LC5 and HMC709LC5. Are there any recommended power up/down sequence of those prosucts?

    And, I have one more question about evaluation board of those products. According to the…

  • AD Solutions for Phase detection/locking, 6-8GHz

    I need to detect &/or lock to the phase of a microwave signal in the 6-8GHz area. I've read that an I/Q mixer might serve me well, so I've been looking at the HMC1113, as I'd also prefer to down-convert the signal to <~ 1GHz and detect using a simple…

  • RE: HMC1113LP5E IF output phase


    1) There isn't a hybrid on the LO path so the phase on LO port of each mixer will be the same as the input phase on the LO pin of the HMC1113.

    2) We do not specify the I and Q ports here, instead we state the configuration to select the appropriate…

  • RE: HMC1056 IF close to DC performances

    Hi mtahahira, first of all thanks for your kind reply. If I'm not wrong I may assume that frequency around 100kHz should have a NF of 18 DB.

    Unfortunately HMC1113 has an input LNA (not present in HMC1056) so the picture you have attached…

  • RE: which chip can be used to get the phase difference from two 10G RF sine wave ?

    An image reject mixer like HMC1113 (www.analog.com/hmc1113) can be operated as an IQ demodulator. So this would simplify things and would eliminate the need for the mixer down-conversion stage.

  • RE: HMC903LP3, HMC869LC5 and HMC1113LP5E


    Hi Shashank,

    The substitute for HMC869 is HMC1113 and we don't provide the variation limits for pins resistances.



  • RE: HMC775LC5 IQ Mixer

    Hi Huangzeyan,

    Thank you for the confirmation, yes the HMC775LC5 is obsolete. Can you assist me with s parameters of HMC1113 IQ mixer which is recommendation for replacing HMC775LC5.

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  • RE: HMC908 EVB_Noise Floor

    Hi Taz,

    Thank you for the reply. Yes, this is a new design and we need alternative part.

    I found HMC1113 in your wabsite but its P1dB value (-7 dBm) did not meet our request (-4~-5 dBm at least)

    Also we need the reason for the increase on the noise…