• Application Circuit and Biasing Circuit Required for HMC1099LP5DE

    I need Application Circuit with recommend component list and Biasing Circuit for HMC1099LP5DE.

  • RE: Tape-and-reel info for HMC1099LP5DE

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  • HMC1099LP5DE-ADS simulation

    Hello engineer,

             i am using HMC1099LP5DE to make an PA of 8W, in Center frequency 450MHz, BW 20MHz. .The datasheet said i need to control VGG to make Idd=100mA, I want to take a simulation in ADS, but i cannot find S2P file from Hittite WebSite.


  • HMC1099LP5DE - 2 questions

      Dear Supporter


    1.       What will be the PAE values at 28V, 2W output? Any graph available?


    2.       Will the product survive a VSWR 10:1 at the output for 20mS, at 2W and 5W and 10W output power, ambient temp is ~70DEG C





  • HMC1099LP5DE - PAE and power sequence


    Dear Supporter

    I have some questions regarding the HMC1099 Power amplifier:


    1. According the efficiency equation, Eff=P.out/Pin(D.C) ---> leading to [10w/28V*0.1A] X100 =357%. What am I missing?
    2. The plots on the datasheet page 6 are…
  • RE: Application Circuit Required

    Sorry dear the part number was HMC1099LP5DE GAN amplifier.Actually i was saying about biasing circuit gate supply and drain supply voltages providing circuit.

  • PDN of HMC8500LP5DE & HMC1114LP5DE

    Dear Sir,

    For PDN18_0034 as below, would you kind to provide the data spec of HMC8500PM5E & HMC1114PM5E for difference clarification ? 



  • RE: AD9834 Amplitude Shift Keying(ASK) realization

    You are getting into power amplifier territory with 1W requirements.  Analog Devices acquired Hittite about 1 month ago.  I would look at their website for suitable PAs.



  • RE: RF Amplifer for Keysight Genesys

    The attached list details all of the ADI RF Amplifier Sys-Parameter models that are available in the 2015.08 release of Keysight Genesys.  This library will be updated over time.


    PartNumber RealPartNumber Description