• Storage condition of HMC1086F10

    Dir Sir,

    Are there any storage condition about moisture for HMC1086F10?

    I understand HMC1086F10 is Flamge Mount Package. So, MSL isn't defined about this products. But, quolity and reliability point of view, I would like to know the storage condition…

  • RE: Step model for HMC1086F10

    Hi Craig,

    We do not have step file but we have .bxl file.

    I am sending you these two links so you can see how to use it and check if it is useful for you at all.


  • EVAL01-HMC1086F10 EVM Board Fail

    Our customer bough 2 set of EVAL01-HMC1086F10 to testing.

    But VDD short to GND before power supply.

    Do you know what happen the symptom?


  • HMC1086F10 for Pulse Power Amplifier question?

    Dear Sir ,

    Does HMC1086F10 can be used to Pulse power amplifier ?

    If yes , what are the Raising  & Falling time ?

  • RE: RF Amplifer for Keysight Genesys

    The attached list details all of the ADI RF Amplifier Sys-Parameter models that are available in the 2015.08 release of Keysight Genesys.  This library will be updated over time.


    PartNumber RealPartNumber Description