• HMC1082 Maximum Ratings

    Reading the HMC1082 datasheet I could not find the maximum ratings for the gate voltage, only the suggested range from -2V to zero in which the Idd can reach 220mA. 

    I'm following this procedure to turn on the amplifier with the minimum noise produced…

  • HMC1082 Vdd


    I have one question. Please tell me.

    I am referring to "figure27 of  AN-1363".(VDD=5.62V)

    When EN is turned on in the power sequence.

    I think it will be in state "Vgate=-2V and Idd=0 and VDRAIN=5.62V".

    VDARIN=5.62 is over the …

  • HMC980 with HMC1082 turn on time


    I would like to check on AN-1363 Figure 27.

    May I know what is the turn on time for HMC1082 after EN pin is high?

    thank you.

  • HMC1082 Noise figure

    what is the noise figure of hmc1082 @17.3GHz??

  • FAQ: HMC1082 Gate Current

    Q: What are the gate currents of HMC1082 at IDQ and PSAT?

  • HMC1082 P1dB Output Power

    The datasheet says the power supply to HMC1082 is 5 V and absolute max. is 5.5 V.

    Also it mentions that P1dB typical : 24 dBm which requires a 10 V swing (Vpk-pk)on a 50 ohm load.
    The graph "P1dB vs. Supply Voltage" on page 2 also shows this value.…

  • HMC1082的引脚问题


  • HMC980 with two HMC1082


    My customer want to use  2 HMC1082LP4E with HMC980LP4E , but they don't have enough board size.

    So they want to use 1 HMC980LP4E supporting 2 HMC1082LP4E.

    Q1) About a design concept with 1 HMC980LP4E supporting 2 HMC1082LP4E

           1-1. Is below…

  • HMC1082 and HMC998 Depletion/Enhancement mode


    What  is the mode of HMC1082 and HMC998 amplifiers (enhancement or depletion)  ?

    best regards

  • HMC1082 Absolute Maximum Ratings DC supply pins

    Hi all,

    What is the Absolute Maximum Ratings following the each DC supply pins ?

    Drain Bias Voltage (Vdd) : 5.5V

    Gate  Bias Voltage(Vgg) : ? V

    DC voltage representing RF output power rectified by diode(Vdet) : ?V

    DC bias of diode(Vref) : ?V

    Best regards…