• Using active bias controller for HMC1065


    I need two 3V supplies for the HMC1065, one for VDD and one for VDLO. These have to be switched on at the same time, but cannot be commoned, as the gate bias setting is based on monitoring IDLO. Unfortunately, AD's active bias controllers have…

  • RE: HMC1065

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  • HMC1065 eval board not working

    Hello, I have 8 - HMC1065 eval board.

    When I checked the HMC1065s are operated, the experimental results of 7 - eval boards were strange.

     The following graph is the results of a functioning board(HMC1065-1) and strange board(HMC1065-2).

    The results of…

  • How to use the active bias controller HMC920LP5E with the HMC1065 downconveter

    Dear support,

    We are finding some issues in handling HMC920. I'm trying to get 3V 150 mA from the HMC920 to supply the frequency multiplier inside the HMC1065, but I couldn't get anything at the drain. 

    I have tried both Depletion/Master and simplified…

  • Supply current HMC1065 eval board


    I'm evaluating the HMC1065 for an application to downconvert a signal from 28 GHz at an IF of 1 GHz. I ordered an evaluation board with the HMC1065. According to the datasheet the supply current is 150 mA. However, I've to drive it much harder…

  • PN# of external IF 90 degree hybrid in HMC1065 datasheet

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Could ADI provide the part numbers of the external IF 90 degree hybrid used on the HMC1065LP4E (IQ down converter) data sheet ?








  • RE: up-converters for RF of 26-30G

    i need the spur table AT 28G Hz for following parts : 

    HMC524, HMC1063,HMCMDB172,HMC977,HMC572,HMC1065, HMC815B and also newly getting released upconverter part.

    Can i get access to that piece of information ?

  • RE: HMC1065LP4E : NF@IF<50MHz


    NF has decreased  increased by 6dB/decade.

    Our customer want to evaluate HMC524A (pre-release) if can't use HMC1065.

    Does ADI have detailed data on this device?

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  • Power Sequence of HMC1065LP4E


    Is there a powering sequence for HMC1065LP4E ?

    Can I supply below powers simultaneously ?

    VDDx, VDLOx and VGLO(negative voltage)


  • RE: S parameters request for HMC783LP6CE & HMC1065LP4E

    The HMC783LP6CE is an integrated VCO / PLL synthesizer intended for use in 50 ohm systems (despite the poor output return loss of ~2 dB). Unlike amplifiers, no external matching is needed and may actually degrade performance as this was a trade off made…