• RE: HMC1061 gerber files

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  • HMC1061 and HMC661 thermal resistance


    Can you provide the junction-to-case thermal resistance (both top and bottom) of HMC661 and HMC1061?

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  • HMC1061LC5 Max Input Frequency

    Is it possible to operate HMC1061 at frequencies beyond 18 GHz.  Is it fundamentally not possible or will the device operate with degraded performance.

  • RE: HMC1061LC5

    1. Yes. The Absolute Max listed in the datasheet is per pin, applies to each pin.

    2. Strictly speaking, the sampling transfer function plot applies at the output of the HMC1061 device. However, we also show another plot right next to it on the same page…

  • EVAL01-HMC1061LC5 Power connector

    What is the PN of the 9-pin header used on the HMC1061 eval board?  And also, what is the pinout for the connector?  I can partially see the silkscreen labels from a picture of the eval board, but I wanted to get confirmation.


  • HMC661 operating temperature


    Can I confirm the operating temperature for HMC661 is 0 to 85 deg, and for HMC1061 is from -40 to 85deg?

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  • RE: Query

    This part is EAR99. The attached RFIC selection guide lists the ECCN codes for all of ADI's RF products.


  • RE: 36GHz RF oscillation signal source

    You need a PLL which drives a frequency doubler which drives an amplifier. Possible choices might be ADF4371 (PLL),  HMC1105 (frequency doubler) and HMC7229 (amplifier). These are not the only choices.