• RE: Questions about HMC794LP3E

    U9 (HMC1060) converts 5.5V input to 5V power (JP4) and a 5V pull-up voltage (JP1) for the HMC794 digital inputs.  They can use an external 5V power supply.  Pull JP4 and JP1 to disconnect U9. 

  • HMC830


    I have a problem with PLL HMC830.

    I program HMC830 with parameters as follows :

    Integer Mode for output = 50 Mhz (XTAL = 50 Mhz)

    HMC830_HMC_Write(0, 0x20); // soft reset and = A7975 in read
    delay (20);
    HMC830_HMC_Write(1, 0x2);

  • RE: How would you recommend powering the many power rails on an ADF4356?

    On behalf of Ian Collins:

    For the 5V rail, make sure to use a really clean LDO like the ADM7150, HMC1060, or LTC3045.


    The 3.3V rail is more forgiving, as it doesn’t power the VCO.


    The 1060 is on the 4356 evaluation board, and I recommend that.…

  • RE: Messy PLL with ADF5356


    This appears to be a classic case of narrow band FM modulation due to insufficient supply regulation and possibly poor isolation of noisy, hard switching circuits from analog circuits and VCO bias. This is evidenced by the presence of numerous sidebands…

  • RE: 用hmc834输出fmcw信号

    HMC834不能实现你说的这个功能 。可以采用HMC703+HMC596+HMC1060来实现。

  • LDO的输出电压不稳定

    HMC1060 LDO口本应3.3v输出的,但是输出结果是有时3.3几,有时3.4几。有没大神遇到过这种情况啊

  • HMC704+HMC586 generate spurious signals at certain frequency

    Hi,our customer designing HMC704+HMC586+HMC1060  LO circuits,fref=320MHz,fpd=80MHz,LBW=300kHz,Frac B Mode,fout=4-8GHz,fstep= 1kHz.Spurious signals ( -60dBc@ 800kHz offset) can be found at 4019.999MHz,4020.001MHz,4059.999MHz,4060.001MHz,....and so on.We…

  • RE: EVAL01-HMC833LP6GE: Unexpected Reset Pulse when USB Module is detached.

    You can force the LDO enable line on the HMC833 eval board but it requires some soldering.  Remove R43 and connect 5.5V to C56 pad (EN pin of the HMC1060).  Now the eval board will not turn off when you remove the USB interface.

  • RE: HMC相噪


  • RE: HMC704LP5 Spurious

    I agree that this appears to be related to 60hz. If biasing via batteries improves the performance the HMC1060 (quad regulator for PLL applications) and either the ADM7170 or ADM7150 regulator for the VCO along with good filtering on the IO's of the regulators…