• Un-used output of HMC1060

    Hello, is it safe to leave unused output (for example VR2) of HMC1060 floating? Or should I keep the capacitor between VR2 and RD2 (for stability)?

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  • HMC1060: Need more current.

    Is it possible to get more current from a single output by combining outputs.

    For example, I need 450 ma at 5V.  Can I somehow combine VR4 and VR1 to get the combined current output?

  • Questions about HMC860, HMC976, HMC1060


    I will be adding these parts to the ADIsimPower Linear Regulator design tool, I have some questions about these parts:


    Can I short RDx to VRx to get 1.2V output? The datasheet says Vout 2.5V to 5.2V, is this because it's been tested only…

  • LDO输出通道数条件筛选问题

    HMC1060 是四路输出的LDO稳压器 怎么筛选条件里 Number of outputs  显示是 1  ?

  • RE: ADF4356 Synthesiser - AVDD and DVDD rails

    Hi Michael,

    The part is characterized with separate supplies and I don't have data taken with shared supplies. We are using HMC1060 ( single chip having 4 LDOs) on the evaluation board and isolation is poorer comparing separate LDO case. We did not see…

  • RE: ADF5356 supply input

    One regulator for the 3.3V supply is sufficient. It was believed that a separate supply could reduce spurious, but it has little discernable effect.

    The HMC1060 is a regulator which can generate both the 5V and 3.3V rails.


  • RE: HMC833 unlock @ special frequence

       Thanks you for your reply. I have resolve the question. The voltage  of HMC1060 output unstablly.  The       tantalum capacitor of hmc1060 output circuits is too far to output unwanted voltages.

          Thanks again.

  • RE: HMC765 vs HMC767


    You didn't mention your application or the loop BW you're using so the following is assuming that REF / PFD, Icp etc. must remain as they are. 

    1) I don't recommend attempting to use the HMC767 for an 8.0 GHz application. Over process & temperature…

  • [HMC830] REG_EN(AD4) net

    Good morning everyone,

    In the HMC830 schematic there is a net named REG_EN(AD4). I have supposed that the net needs to bring a enable signal for the HMC1060 regulator.

    We are realizing a breadboard where the 3.3V and 5V power supplies are provided by…

  • HMC702 current of 3.3V

    I'm thinking of using HMC702 and HMC1060 to build a phase lock loop.HMC702 is a quite great frequency synthesizer IC and HMC1060 is a LDO which can produce one 5V 300mA,two 3.3V 50mA and one 3.3V 100mA in one IC.In HMC702's datasheet ,it says that +3…