• HMC1048


    Could you please tell me where I can find the S-Parameters for the HMC1048 Mixer? Thanks.

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  • HMC1048

    Any cautions about reversing the connections on the RF & IF port?  Would like to use the device as an upconverter.

    Output Freq (RF):   3.8GHz     | 4.2GHz     |   3.8GHz       |   4.2GHz
  • HMC1048 Port Matching

    I am looking for some S-parameter files for the RF and LO ports of the HMC1048LC3B part.  On many of the other mixers they are readily available from the product page but seem to be missing on this device.  Any help is appreciated as my customer has this…

  • Hittite HMC1048 Mixer pinout

    The Hittite HMC1048 mixer IC datasheet indicates pins 4 and 6 are N/C, although pin 5 = I/F output, which can reach several GHz of frequency. This seems very odd because adjacent pins on the other two ports ( RF and L/O ) are grounded, which good circuit…

  • HMC1048A based on GaAs?


    It is not mentioned in the HMC1048A that the MMIC technology is based on GaAs.

    However, it is the case for the HMC1048 (obsolete), as indicated in the datasheet.

    Can you confirm/infirm that the HMC1048A is also still based on GaAs MMIC?

    Thank you…

  • RE: HMC787LC3B - Mixer


    We are working on a new part (HMC787A) to replace the HMC787.  The new HMC787A will be a pin to pin compatible for easy replacement.

    You can take a look at the link below to see what other parts can fit to your system:


  • RE: hmc8191 and I/Q DAC DC Coupled Line


    We don't have a receiver release part that can be similar to the ADRF6780.  However please take a look at HMC1048 or the HMC8191 as down convertors

    Thank you 

  • RE: MC1048A Dynamic range


    The HMC1048A has not been released yet and won't be released till Q1 2018.

    I tested this with the HMC1048 mixer and the mixer downconverts for X Band RF signals at -100dBm. Even so, I do advise to use an RF LNA in your receiver before directly…

  • Mixer Matching and conversion loss

    We are using HMC1048 Mixer in our down conversion circuit.We are getting -60 dBm in the output of IF port on our required IF frequency.We have checked the return loss of each port.We got return loss less than 2 dB in each port. Please suggest any solution…

  • HMC1048LC3B PCB Layout Question

    Hello all,

      I a contactor supporting a customer who is using the HMC1048LC3B in two locations on an upconverter/downconverter RF assembly.  I am currently in the process of addressing some issues with the layout of the board for a re-spin and have a question…